Recommended Care

Each Hydrogen Watch is designed and manufactured to the highest of standards. In order to ensure optimal performance and longevity, please review the simple guidelines for care and precautions of your Hydrogen Watch.

Clean your watch with water and a soft cloth only. Do not dive. After contact with saltwater, your watch should be rinsed clean with a soft, dry cloth. It’s our recommendation that your watch is serviced every 18-24 months to ensure longevity and trouble-free usage.

It‘s important to avoid the following conditions: extreme heat or cold, as well as prolonged periods of exposure to direct sunlight, to wet conditions that exceed the watch water rating (see case-back and below chart). Never operate any of the function buttons or adjust the position of the crown when the watch is in contact with water.

Your Watch should not be affected by magnetic fields generated by household items such as televisions and stereos, but avoidance of other strong electric fields or static electricity is advised. It‘s also important to avoid extreme shock or impact.

Skin irritation may be caused by various reasons i.e. an allergic reaction to the metal, silicon or leather strap or dust particles that may have accumulated on the watch. To avoid perspiration between the skin and the strap, it is advised to keep a gap for clean airflow.