Our Story

In sporting competitions, the little things make the difference between winning or losing. During development and production, we kept this message through every process and every component. Marginal changes can lead to massive results, and this was our focus from beginning until end. The Hydrogen Watch brand aims to serve the purpose of watches for men and woman who look for that perfection and take care on small details. This is a traditional powered timepiece which fits on every style and every fashion trend. but one which never let you look under dressed. Combining sports, music, arts, fashion and travel, our designer, luxury watches give off a cool sense of style to anybody. Through creative lending of three of the most passionate watchmaking nations in the world, we bring together a trifecta of solutions that offer fashionable appeal, attention to detail, and lasting charm on HYDROGEN WATCH.

Hydrogen Watch is a premium watch brand, designed in Switzerland to represent the beauty and the grandeur that Swiss watches stands for. Nearby Zurich, diverse creative and passionate watch lovers started to design watches in collaboration with the Italian brand Hydrogen. The plan? To create a premium watch brand that would contain the style of a Swiss watch, the sophistication of an Italian timepiece, and the technical qualities of a Japanese watch. Inspired by the history of Hydrogen and focusing the segment of luxury sportswear, we added Japanese premium movements and developed with high attention our Hydrogen Watches on quality and materialization.